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What is CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY Mechanism of Action
CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY Mechanism of Action ImunStem® is the first herbal (botanical) preparation to receive FDA-approval as a prescription drug. ImunStem® is taken in liquid oral doses for internal use. The component of the drug substance that makes the compound of ImunStem® comprises the extraction of ingredients from Olive leaf, Yarrow flowers, Rosemary leaf, Yucca plant, and Cassia oil. The variety of components encompassing these botanicals has a wide use which provides antioxidant activity and a powerful positive effect on the immune system. ImunStem® allows the active ingredients to disperse throughout the body and blood stream; it also has a direct effect upon cellular functioning. In-vivo studies demonstrate immunostimulating properties that increase phagocytic activity and synthesis of helper cell function. ImunStem® has shown to enhance Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) repair before, during, and after chemotherapy drugs, toxic exposure, and chemical-induce damage. ImunStem® modulates anxiety, initially including and then reversing these effects after long-term administration. ImunStem® can play an integral role in hypothalamic activity, easing both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems towards a state of homeostasis. Since blood pressure level is directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system, the lower blood pressure levels exhibited following administration of ImunStem® is compatible with the stabilization of sympathetic nervous system activity. The pulmonary benefits observed are likely due to the focus of deep breathing, this places less pressure on lungs and increases lung capacity, as well as overall improvement seen in breathing efficiency. ImunStem® reduces inflammation by affecting immune responsiveness through neuroendocrine factors. Its positive effect on balance is attributed to the improved use of vestibular input and wider stances., Click Here...!
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Can I get a my money back if I change my mind?
See Terms and Conditions.

What is RS System?
It's beneficial and fun program that has a solution to common objections like " I don't have enough Money or Time " to start or operate one of the best financial opportunities for a common people like You and me. We are using T E A M approach to create Communities of happy and healthy people. We believe that the most important element is YOU but only if you are willing to help others first. It's system that generates financial help to purchase UFORIA Start Up Kit.

Is it guaranteed that I will make money with RS System?
We have no guarantees of any kind that you will make money.

What are the objectives of RS System?
To generate financial help to purchase UFORIA Start Up Kit.

Is there any monthly or annual membership fee?
No. It's Free to join.

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It is suggested that you have a permission of any or all user/s that you intend to register.

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