Who is a Registered Member?
When You signup with ReadySignups for free you become Registered Member

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What is a Member?
Member is a person that did signed up for free and donated $49.95 to ReadySignups.
Who is an Active Member?
Active Member is a Member that has 4 members in the front line before any of those members create business center

Who is an Elite Member?
Elite Member is a Member that has achieved 9 members in the front line. You must achieve Active Member status first.

What is a Business Center?
When Member get 4 members or more, he or she will create a business center.
What is an Elite Center?
When Member achieves 9 members in his or hers front line he or she will create an Elite center.

Can I get a my money back if I change my mind?
See Terms and Conditions.

What is RS System?

It's beneficial and fun program that has a solution to common objections like " I don't have enough Money or Time " to start or operate one of the best financial opportunities for a common people like You and me. We are using T E A M approach to create Communities of happy and healthy people. We believe that the most important element is YOU but only if you are willing to help others first. It's system that generates financial help to purchase Start Up Kit.

Is it guaranteed that I will make money with RS System?
We have no guarantees of any kind that you will make money.

What are the objectives of RS System?
To generate financial help to purchase Start Up Kit.

Is there any monthly or annual membership fee?
No. It's Free to join.

Can I earn from my referrals?

Can I register multiple users?
It is suggested that you have a permission of any or all user/s that you intend to register.

If you don't find answers to your questions in this FAQ section, please feel free to contact us at info@readysignups.com.
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